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Let's Make Sea Moss Hot Chocolate!

Last updated on December 9, 2022

Sea moss hot chocolate


The coming snowy days and cold winter chills make a great time to share our delicious sea moss hot chocolate recipes. There’s nothing better than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and cuddling up in a blanket during this time of year.

But what if you could make the most of it and turn hot chocolate into a highly nutritious and healthy drink

Sea moss has an endless number of health benefits. It potentially contains 92 minerals and vitamins to supplement your body and boost your immune system during winter.

Organics Nature's Sea moss gel is tasteless and easy to incorporate into any drink recipe. So, why not add a few tablespoons of sea moss gel to your hot chocolate? 

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Sea moss gel


Organics Nature's Premium Sea Moss Gel from Saint Lucia

1. Sea Moss Hot White Chocolate

Sea moss white hot chocolate recipe


Add milk, white chocolate, and vanilla extract into a small saucepan. Gently heat up and whisk to avoid sticking.

During the whisking process, add either: 

- 2 tablespoons of Organic sea moss gel 

- or 1 scoop (13 grams) of Organics Nature's flavoured Sea moss & Collagen Powder for extra taste and sweetness 

Once the white chocolate has melted, pour the mixture into your favorite cup. Top it with marshmallows, shredded white chocolate, or cinnamon, according to your taste. Now sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Sea moss vanilla flavoured powder


Organics Nature's Sea Moss & Collagen Powder - Vanilla & Caramel flavour - Buy here

2. Sea Moss Milky Hot Chocolate

Sea moss creamy milk chocolate recipe
Here's a classic hot chocolate recipe to which you'll simply add sea moss. Again, you’ll need a saucepan. Pick your milk and your favorite chocolate. I personally like to use almond milk and milk chocolate. 

Pour the milk, the chocolate, and your choice of sweetener into the saucepan (sugar, honey, monk fruit, vanilla extract, agave syrup, or others).

Whisk the ingredients until the chocolate is completely melted and the milk is hot. Pour the hot chocolate into a cup and add 2 tablespoons of sea moss gel. Stir well until the gel is completely dissolved. Alternatively, you can add a scoop of sea moss & collagen powder. 

Top it off with some garnishments like marshmallows, chocolate chips, whipped cream, or whatever you like. Then, get cozy and sip away!

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3. Mexican Hot Chocolate with Sea Moss

Sea moss spicy Mexican hot chocolate


Pour milk and half & half into a saucepan. The half & half is optional but makes your hot chocolate richer and creamier.

Once the milk and half & half are slightly heated, you can add the chocolate of your choice into the saucepan. Add any sweetener of your choice as well as sea moss powder or sea moss gel.

Now, to make your hot chocolate a spicy Mexican one, add some cinnamon and cayenne pepper into the mix. Just a pinch of each will turn up the heat for this recipe. Let your ingredients heat up and melt together before pouring the mixture into your favorite mug. Top it off with some garnishments of your choice, and enjoy!

How sea moss should you add to hot chocolate?

Sea moss is a very nutrient-rich ingredient, and only a tiny bit provides your body with essential minerals and vitamins. While it's very safe for use and has few side effects, consuming too much sea moss can be harmful to your health

The recommended daily dosage is 1 to 4 tablespoons of sea moss gel daily. Learn more about how much sea moss you can take daily in our related article. 

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I hope you try these recipes and share them with us on social media - @tryorganicsnature

Let us know about your favorite hot chocolate mix!


  • Dear Leah,
    Making sea moss gel from sea moss powder is very easy. All you have to do is mix the powder with water, stir well, and refrigerate until it is set. Here’s a great article about different ways to make sea moss gel at home:
    Best regards,
    Organics Nature

    Organics Nature
  • Hello,
    How to make sea moss gel from powder sea moss ?

    Thank you

  • Hi Terri,
    To make your own sea moss gel, all you need is raw dried sea moss and water.
    You can order our organic dried sea moss here:
    All the best,
    Organics Nature

    Organics Nature
  • Hi Amie,
    Our sea moss & collagen powders are all flavoured but they do not contain any added sugar, so they’re suitable for diabetics. We know have 3 different flavours available: vanilla-caramel, mango-pineapple, and chocolate-coconut.
    You can purchase them here:
    Otherwise, our sea moss gel is a pure and flavourless option that’s also good for cooking!
    All the best,
    Organics Nature

    Organics Nature
  • I am diabetic and want no flavor
    I don’t want those 2 flavors to got. Is it any other flavor you got.

    Amie Njie

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